Thursday, March 8, 2007

"Fierce is the New Fierce" on FourFour

One potential downside to the setup of this cycle is the positive angle -- the girls obviously were prompted during the semi-final round to talk about what they wanted to accomplish if they were to be selected for/win ANTM (Micheline, for example, wanted to show other tattooed girls that it's OK to look like that. She's really a saint, trying to raise confidence in the perpetually maligned inked youth of America). And then there's the philanthropy thing. But really, if the results are as hilarious as Whitney thinking that she can change the modeling industry's standards with her thick, curvy hands alone, or as hilarious as, uh, this...

Love your recaps! I can't wait until the inevitable episode where Tyra tells both Whitney and Diana that they are losing their personality, a la Tocarra, since in her world, plus-size girls have to have a "plus-size" personality. It's as if their sole reason for existence is to be the show's jolly, fat jester.

I'm giving them both only a few more weeks at most. As progressive as Tyra liks to think she is, I still think there's no way she'll let a plus-size girl win, or even go very far. Look at all the criticism Anchal got last year for not having a "runway" body, and she wasn't even considered plus-size. Stick-thin rules the runway, and the very little success the winners have anyway would be even less if the winner was one of the bigger girls.

Posted by: Erin March 08, 2007 at 09:49 AM